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Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 3: Nurturing Leads

SaaS Marketing Part 3 – Nurturing Leads.

By this point, a potential customer has seen your topline message and is exploring your product more deeply. We’ll call this a lead. When marketing and sales teams align on website content, messaging and what visitor info is required to follow up (usually an email), each lead can be segmented and contacted in real time, online or offline.

Gating long-form “tent-pole” content pieces about how you can solve specific problems common to your audience is an effective means to get contact data into your CRM and give readers the undeniable reason to believe you’re different. (more…)

Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 2: Get Good Leads!

SaaS platform marketing agency - 3

SaaS Marketing Part 2 – Attracting the Right Visitors.

Getting visitors to the website is one thing, but getting the ideal customer to take the time to explore your SaaS offering is easier said than done. Online consumer behavior is tricky, even for those marketers who know a lot about their target audience’s purchase habits.

Too much information is a killer. Focus on the needs of the ideal customer. Inevitably, pricing is always a priority. Support it with value-added messaging, make it easy to understand and find. If you’re fearful of your price, the reader probably will be too.

Don’t expect sales contacts or trial account sign-ups just yet. Corroborating the value of your product with colleagues, online forums, review websites, etc is part of the reader’s purchase path. Helping that along is the next “step.” (more…)

We’re Now Hiring Account Executives!

Hiring Account Executives for marketing agency


Account Executives

Liquid Iron – An integrated marketing agency.

Job Summary

A member of the Account Team, this position is responsible for meeting the strategic goals for Liquid Iron’s clients.

The Account Executive will understand the strategy as well as the outcomes it is designed to deliver and have the ability to orchestrate all resources including internal teams, external vendors, and client teams toward efficient execution. (more…)

Going to Market With a SaaS Platform

Saas Marketing example ad - Trading Technologies

After working for more than a year with Trading Technologies, a leading futures trading software provider, to help them launch their new SaaS trading platform, we thought we’d put down on digital paper the summation of our strategy notes – scribbles, whiteboard snapshots, post-it notes, Google docs, and emails – about how we think comprehensively about the SaaS customer and the marketing ecosystem.

To that end, the article is the beginning of a series that offers a comprehensive approach to marketing this SaaS product to acquire and keep users. (more…)

The Future of Work: Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense

Chicago Ideas Week is one of my favorite events in Chicago. With dozens of talks, labs and experiences to be had about everything from Cybersecurity to Meat 101, I was happy to snag a ticket from one of our clients to hear the event’s opening session – a lively discussion about the Future of Work.

A broad topic for sure, but our moderator David Brancaccio (of NPR’s Marketplace) and panel* came in with three things on his mind: (more…)

Giving Thought to Media Buys

It is ironic how life is.

On my way to the office this morning I was looking around, absorbing — like a sponge — and learning from people’s behaviors and attitudes. I was in a cab, stopped at a traffic light, and a homeless person immediately caught my eye. He was sleeping on a bench as people were walking past him on their way to work or having breakfast at the diner behind him. I was struck by all of this.

The long red light gave me the opportunity to realize the man was resting on a bench with a billboard on the back promoting exclusive residences. It is the kind of image that if it were created by a copywriter and an art director for a social cause, it most likely would be submitted to an advertising awards competition. This image was not “created” — but captured by my iPhone.


Sometimes reality surpasses fiction. In addition to the big moral remorse I feel, I thought: Is this the appropriate media placement for this kind of product?

Under this circumstance, the word “exclusive” on this advertising banner has a double meaning that makes you think how unfair life is. Here, “exclusive” makes me think, this is not only about exclusivity as luxury, but also about exclusivity as exclusion.

How careful is too careful when we create a campaign and define the media buy for our clients? How can we help make positive changes to this ironic world — through our work and our lives?

– Eduardo Dehesa Conde


A Tour of the New Liquid Iron Website

More clients, more staff and a strong message required us to rethink how we used our website to communicate our value as an integrated marketing agency. The challenge of developing a website to answer a growth spurt is a good problem to have.

It was exciting to plow over our little plot of online terra firma and build a new home. Of course, as with most real-estate developments, time and budget were of prime concern. No growth-stage agency has unlimited funds and we’ve all been a part of marketing projects that go on so long they become virtually obsolete.

But damn the cliche  This cobbler will care for his own shoes. So we began: (more…)