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We’re Now Hiring Account Executives!

Hiring Account Executives for marketing agency


Account Executives

Liquid Iron – An integrated marketing agency.

Job Summary

A member of the Account Team, this position is responsible for meeting the strategic goals for Liquid Iron’s clients.

The Account Executive will understand the strategy as well as the outcomes it is designed to deliver and have the ability to orchestrate all resources including internal teams, external vendors, and client teams toward efficient execution. (more…)

The Future of Work: Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense

Chicago Ideas Week is one of my favorite events in Chicago. With dozens of talks, labs and experiences to be had about everything from Cybersecurity to Meat 101, I was happy to snag a ticket from one of our clients to hear the event’s opening session – a lively discussion about the Future of Work.

A broad topic for sure, but our moderator David Brancaccio (of NPR’s Marketplace) and panel* came in with three things on his mind: (more…)

An Aragonese in Chicago

Original article in Spanish by Luis H. Menéndez.
Appeared in the Economy Section of the
Translated into English by Liquid Iron.

Eduardo Dehesa Conde is living in the U.S. for 20 years. He tops his career with his own marketing firm today.



He arrived in the U.S. without knowing English after working in Zaragoza and Madrid in a variety of jobs. Today, 20 years later, he pronounces (in Spanish) the name of some brands — especially some of the multinationals — with an undeniable American accent. (more…)

Creative Lessons from David Bowie – Rock on!


Recently we went to the David Bowie exhibit at the MCA.The exhibit drives home the point that when creativity is brought to every thought, every action, every situation — no matter how significant or insignificant — the result is innovation, impact and longevity.

Bowie imbued the innateness of creative thought in every single thing he did from doodling on a matchbook cover to the way he wrote his lyrics to the way he promoted his appearances.

His relentless pursuit of creativity of thought helps you understand why he is considered a pioneer and one of the most influential artists of our time.

His creative process, his work’s versatility and chameleonic personality inspire us to think and analyze what we do and how we do it, and look for new creative ways to bring the best of us to every thought.