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Is your current partner a keeper?

Right Partner_

It’s uncomfortable. We know it. That year-end review of your business and relationships. When done right — with an open and willing-to-own-all-the-warts mindset — it can be brutal, but it has to be done if you want to enhance and advance.

Even if 2015 was your best year ever, there are things you need to ponder: What went right? What didn’t? Did you have the right goals in place in the first place? What about your culture and capabilities? Are they what you need to move forward successfully in 2016?

These are just some of the questions that you should be asking … and your marketing partner should be asking them too, on your behalf, and about the way they service your business. If they are not, it may be time for you to ask the most important question of all: Do you have the right marketing partner in place?

What do you require in a partner?

You most likely have your own checklist for the ideal marketing partner for you. Just like many of our clients. From B2C to B2B — from Tech to Education to Healthcare to Consumables — we have found that while the verticals are quite different, many of our clients share some of the same requirements. Yet other selection criteria are unique.

Here are some must-haves:

  • Expertise — and intellect — to solve for all challenges.
  • Behavior path evangelists who can be an integrated extension of your customer service and directly impact conversion rates.
  • Strategists who can naturally inspire creativity.
  • Active listeners who truly hear, understand and execute accordingly.
  • A consistently collaborative, painless and valuable process/experience.
  • A proactive partner who constantly identifies gaps and searches for solutions.
  • The ability to make data actionable.
  • The flexibility to deliver a responsive, on-demand client-centered culture.
  • A relevance radar that filters which innovative trends are actually right for your Brand.
  • The agility to ramp up — or scale back — anywhere within the 360? landscape.
  • Established, leverageable relationships beyond marketing and advertising — everything from importers to VCs.
  • The capability to identify new sources of revenue — regardless of industry.
  • Right-sized cost with no “riders” to the fee — per-project or retainer.

How many of these are also on your list? If your current marketing partner doesn’t meet all of your requirements, give us a call at 312-214-6340. And let us learn about you so that we can share how we can help you enhance and advance in 2016.