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Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 1: Create Awareness

SaaS Marketing Part 1 – Generating Excitement and Starting to Build Demand. 

Immediately, the brand and message work starts paying dividends. It activates both the emotional and practical needs of the customer, differentiates you from competitors, and in the end, saves you from poorly-performing ad spend.

In this step, we’re concerned about reaching the right audience with a compelling first impression. As such, establishing (or protecting) credibility in the sound-byte messaging that ads allow will be critical. Topline information is important to qualify leads and prevent misleading metrics from influencing your strategy (and driving a sales team mad).

In the end, a comprehensive 360° marketing campaign should generate excitement for your product and end with qualified visitors on your website.


  • Create excitement
  • Share Topline Product Info
  • Build Credibility
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Qualify Leads

Gayle’s Customer Journey.

Below is an example of a customer (let’s call her Gayle) journey narrative that showcases multiple brand touchpoints and the value of each potential marketing channel in the circle above.

Gayle first learns of the product at work from an eye-popping Facebook post that succinctly states its value to people like her. She’s between tasks, and doesn’t have time to learn more. While doing research on a work topic that same day, she sees a similar bold ad on a website that explicitly speaks to how this product serves her need, but she was already distracted once by a Facebook notification and under a tough deadline. However, she has her interest peaked.

At home, perhaps after a pretty good Chicken Parmesan, she sits down in front of the TV to finish off the 4th season of The Good Wife with her laptop. She sees that Facebook ad again. This time, she dives in, briefly skimming the website to find that this product could actually make her life easier. Still, it’s a substantial purchaseso more info is required. She asks in particular, “Am I the only one that’s curious about this? What are others saying?”

At work the next day, during lunch, Gayle Google’s the product. Effective SEM has provided search results that offer a few interesting links. 1) A company blog about a unique product feature, 2) a press release about how the product was featured in an industry conference and 3) two review/blog sites that hold positive reviews of the products – one from an important person in her industry. Apparently, the company’s sales and marketing team has done a good job of helping happy users share their experience. She goes back to the website to an easy to read product detail page and confirms what people are talking about.


Beyond Excitement and Awareness.

At this point, she asks around the office and finds that a colleague went to a conference where the company had a booth and grabbed a brochure. In it is a special promotion for a free demo.

She immediately logs in, submits her email address and other info and begins exploring the app. It’s in-app messaging is engaging, friendly, helpful. They direct her to a sales person. 

She logs off and goes back to work. Immediately, she sees a concise email in her inbox thanking her for her interest and providing two more specific ways the product makes her life easier.

Three days later, she gets another email, reminding her to call a sales person to setup a formal conversation. Again, the email offers two more ways this product makes her life easier.

Gayle talks to her boss and gets the ok to invest time for a formal exploration into the product.


Primary Tactics.

  • A 360° Marketing Campaign.


Success Metrics.

  • Unique visits to the company website.
  • Bounce rate for landing page.


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John Armstrong, Account Director



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