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Going to Market With a SaaS Platform

Saas Marketing example ad - Trading Technologies

After working for more than a year with Trading Technologies, a leading futures trading software provider, to help them launch their new SaaS trading platform, we thought we’d put down on digital paper the summation of our strategy notes – scribbles, whiteboard snapshots, post-it notes, Google docs, and emails – about how we think comprehensively about the SaaS customer and the marketing ecosystem.

To that end, the article is the beginning of a series that offers a comprehensive approach to marketing this SaaS product to acquire and keep users.


A Caveat.

To avoid writing a book, we need to assume the product has a realized and applicable brand and messaging architecture that is:

  • Unmistakably Differentiating
  • Relentless in Clarity
  • Visually Powerful
  • Emotionally Compelling
  • Laser-Focused on Outcomes


Having a brand mission, brand promise and a unique selling proposition (USP) is vital to landing on a message that can bring these bullet points together.

Brand development or brand refreshes is a service we often provide SaaS clients, so we might write more about this later. But for now, let’s…


Go to market with your SaaS platform.

The Liquid Iron team sees the SaaS marketing process through the lens of building Customer Lifetime Value. SaaS companies are unique in that they often have the ability to communicate with their customer through their product – almost at will – because many customers use the SaaS product in their daily workflow. For this reason, our marketing process maps directly to a substantial customer journey that occurs before and after the sale.

In the following articles, we’ll consider each step in that journey [follow the links below]:

0. Introduction
1. Create Awareness
2. Getting Leads
3. Nurturing Leads
4. Convert Testers to Users
5. Prevent Churn

John Armstrong, Account Director



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