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Liquid Iron hit the streets of NYC and New Jersey attracting, engaging and educating Colombians on how to make life better. How? By participating in a special program that gave them the opportunity to designate some of the money they remit to their families in Colombia specifically to build or improve their homes. A complex proposition when money is currently sent to families with no guarantee or control if it will be used for building or home improvements.

Liquid Iron supported Cementos Argos — a leading multinational company in the cement and concrete industry in Latin America, Caribe and the United States — to execute an innovative, hispanic marketing program in collaboration with Western Union and The goal was to register people in who send money from the U.S. to Colombia and want to ensure that money is used exclusively for the construction or remodeling of their homes or their families’ homes. In addition, Argos would give them points for each transaction to use on purchases through A completely new idea, giving more control and more peace-of-mind.

This groundbreaking program, never done in the construction business before, meant that Liquid Iron had to be the ultimate ambassadors through over 150 activation events. We were not just catching their attention and handing out brochures, but also talking to people about reaching their dreams in a concrete way.