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We create teams around you.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Hand-selected from the most talented professionals in their respective fields. Created with subject matter experts to meet your specific needs and challenges. Strong and fluid. Focused on making as big of an impact on your business as your business makes on the lives of your customers.

That’s the Liquid Iron difference. Meaningful. Unique. Effective. Smart. And always straight to the core.

Leadership Team:

Kathy is a leader who wears the title of “hybrid” proudly. And everyone who works with her — client or colleague — knows it is this fusion of experience that makes her a great leader and a great marketer. She has covered virtually every aspect of the business throughout her career — from creative to strategy to operations to client service. And every step of the way her mantra has always been: “It’s all about the results.”

Her Masters in Advertising from Northwestern’s Medill School was just the start. Over the past 25+ years, she’s been behind transformational work for countless clients — from Fortune 500 brands to innovative start-ups. And through it all, one thing is clear, this “hybrid” brings a fiery passion for results to everything she does — igniting the brilliance in everything Liquid Iron does for every client.

Eduardo is truly one-of-a-kind in every way. As a leader, as a marketer, as a businessman — and as a human being. His background is unique to say the least. He has mastered everything from being the chief of protocol for a government in Spain to journalism and Public Relations.

And beyond being a cross-cultural marketing pioneer and leading expert, he is an international business strategist and marketer who has worked in over 16 countries and managed large teams across them all. Which is why he brings a true visionary and global perspective to every client he serves and every boardroom he enters.

On top of it, Eduardo has been the creative driver behind thousands of innovative, highly-targeted, results-oriented international and multicultural campaigns for more than 100 brands. And he has the awards to prove it, including ADCOLOR® Innovator of the Year. Simply put, Eduardo puts the “iron” and the “eñe” in Liquid Iron.

Karyn is a builder and an architect.  A builder of brands and an architect of advocates for all the brands she grows. She has been a technology maven since the birth of the tech revolution —building some of the greatest tech brands in the world. But the distinctness of her experience does not stop there.

She launched and grew Chicago’s Navy Pier, rebuilt the reputation and brand of former heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks and even worked with Howard Stern early in his career.  Yet through it all her approach to building any brand — from tech to celebrity to CPG —  is consistent.

She digs deep. Becomes intimate with the complexities of the brand and the category, applies her wisdom and her relevance radar to build strategies and solutions that take brands in new and unexpected directions. That’s how she gets to the core, every time.

Ernesto is a marketer and advertiser with 25+ years of experience focusing on Destination Marketing, CPG and Spirits across the globe. He brings to Liquid Iron an extensive book of work in multicultural disciplines that have garnered him multiple Cannes awards and other industry recognitions. We love him for the “a-ha!” moments he gives his clients with the kind out-of-the-box ideas that make consumers stop and take notice.

Megan is renowned in the industry for being the champion of brand integration. Throughout her accomplished career, she has flexed her powerful strategic muscle across all channels and virtually all categories.  Nothing gets by her in her pursuit of the most impactful messages and channels to reach the target.  She is wild about strategy and holds herself accountable for delivering the smartest and best work.  An entrepreneur at heart, she looks at new opportunities with a quest for what’s next, better, amazing.  And every engagement with Megan is not only rewarding and transformative, it is pure, can’t-wait-for-more-fun!

John is Liquid Iron’s digital marketing renaissance man, having worked extensively in the non-profit world, client-side as a digital strategist and now as an account director for Liquid Iron. Having been the lead strategist in the creation of more than 40 website launches and integrated campaigns, he has experience in all modern inbound marketing channels and web analytics.

He is a thought-leader and speaker on topics including SEO, social media advertising and non-profit audience development, having organized numerous workshops as VP Membership for the American Marketing Association’s Chicago chapter and a volunteer arts management consultant with Illinois Arts and Business Council.

As a Director of Operations, Kari is quite unique. She is as passionate about our clients businesses as she is about our own. Kari spent the first decade of her career in client service but parlayed her love of working with people, managing financials and problem solving to a new level when she started focusing her expertise on Client Operations.

She has done everything from envisioning and leading a new client operations function for a multi-billion-dollar global marketing services agency to working with individual clients and helping them optimize their marketing budgets. Kari truly loves her role at Liquid Iron and Liquid Iron loves Kari.

Who We Are.

Liquid Iron is a collective of highly experienced cross-cultural marketing and advertising professionals, who have the expertise — and track record — to move our clients’ businesses forward.

We work with brands that change people’s lives.

We think holistically and develop the right insightful solutions across cultures, countries, disciplines & industries.

Our Guiding Principles.

We believe we are here to be catalysts and help our clients manifest greatness.

We value knowledge over assumptions; flexibility over bureaucracy; small-size agility over deep hierarchy; measurable tests versus expensive, large-scale, intangible campaigns; real results versus passive awareness.

We commit to providing every budget and client with the best marketing thinking and solutions available.

We deliver big agency thinking and talent without the big agency cost.

We believe cultural understanding leads to marketing greatness.