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Marketing through idioms.

Listen. The voice is power

Idioms express wisdoms that have been acquired throughout history. Born of consistent human behavior, they pack so much valuable insight about life and living into such a small package.

They can help us put neighborly jealousy in check – The grass is always greener on the other side. They can remind us to prioritize our schedules – Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Or even encourage us to ask for help when we need it – Two heads are better than one.

As marketers, the better we understand basic human behavior the better we can change or reinforce it. And this deep wisdom, based on knowledge and not assumption, can not only give us lessons on how to live, but also lessons on how to market.

Let these simple truths give your marketing a shot in the arm.

Eyes in the back of your head.

Life comes at you from every angle. And so do marketing problems – and solutions! As marketers we need to be flexible enough to take advantage of every possibility that moves our product or service ahead.

With an open mind and eyes on the ready, you can discover a myriad of new opportunities available to solve your problem. Even when it’s in the most unlikely of places – like behind you.

Experience is the father of wisdom.

Outliers author Malcom Gladwell believes that 10,000 hours of correct practice will make you a master in your domain. We also see this as 10,000 hours of experience. All of which leads to wisdom.

As marketers we need to ensure that every effort is equipped to add to our wisdom by teaching us something about our product or service, our target market or our message.

But that doesn’t mean throw everything out there without thoughtful effort. Experience tells us putting in the time to research and test will ensure the best chance of success. Like in life, no experience is wasted when we learn something and forge ahead.

Many hands make light work.

Life is better with people by your side. It makes the hard work easier, the bad times surmountable, the good times more fun. There is strength and success to be had in numbers. But it is important to ensure you have the right numbers to not only get the work done, but to do it with excellence.

Equipping your marketing team with the right talent, the right attitudes and the right experiences will surely strengthen your success.

Basic human behavior shines through these idioms that have stood the test of time. And with some creative application and a little insight, you can let their truths guide your marketing to more successful and effective outcomes.