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The Name Game – Giving Birth to a Brand

Have you ever tried to give birth to a brand? Every aspect of it can feel like a pure adrenaline rush. Yet there are those aspects – often the most important aspects – that are, shall we say, not so much.

We have journeyed through the birthing-a-brand process with our clients many times from the next how-cool-is-that mobile devices to the newest concept in higher education to transformational organizations in the nonprofit space to even our own brand. And it is always the same.

There is passion and possibility in every step. Yet, when it comes to the all important naming of the new idea, it can be filled with frustration before the ultimate “ah-ha-that’s-it!” gratification.

There are many must-haves when naming a new brand:

  • Does it communicate the core essence of the product or service?
  • Is it instantly understood, is it memorable?
  • Is it free and clear in the business category?

That last one can be the biggest hurdle of all — Odds are it’s not. Someone, somewhere has probably claimed it before you. But that is how the true brand name diamonds are made … under the pressure of continued pursuit and exploration of hundreds of options, down many different paths, until you find the one.

That kind of pursuit takes fluidity and strength. But it can be done, and done well every time.