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Practice open-minded marketing to maximize ROI.

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We’ve all heard it said, “Well, this is what we’ve always done.” No conference room has ever escaped it. And it’s possible that what you’ve always done is working — from your point of view — well enough.

But sometimes it isn’t. Or sometimes your market changes. Or sometimes a new target presents itself. How are you going to be successful considering your new circumstances? Not with what you’ve always done.

It’s time for open-minded marketing.

In these situations, it’s time to practice open-mindedness. Expanding your mind to new marketing avenues leads to unlimited discoveries and potential for growth. It uncovers successes you didn’t even know were available to you. In other words, it gives you the opportunity to truly maximize your ROI.

It seems simple enough. But we all know the challenge of change. The next time your question of why is met with, “Well, this is what we’ve always done.” use these exercises to break free and discover countless marketing opportunities.

  • Eliminate the fear of the unknown.

Fear of what you don’t know or understand can be one of the biggest obstacles to opening your mind to new possibilities and new markets. You may be so used to talking to one type of consumer that you don’t want to risk engaging with another.

But don’t close up to “new” segments that may love your product or service when addressed differently — in a way that is deeply meaningful to them specifically. Push fear aside and encourage your team to explore markets that are new to you —anything from Millennials to brand-conscious Boomers to specific cultural segments. Get to know them and how your product or service can better their lives.

You aren’t committing large chunks of your budget to these markets, but through opening your mind to get to know them, you may discover you want to — and need to. Some specific segments may represent your greatest growth opportunities for years to come. But, if you feel those segments are too complex to master, look for the right experienced, trusted partner to guide you through. There’s no better way to conquer your fear than with the right partner.

  • Learn the complete behavior path.

New avenues to success will present themselves the more you know about your customer’s behavior path. Walk in your prospect’s shoes from even before they recognize the need for your product or service to the minute they make their purchase decision.

This exercise will highlight any gaps along the path where your prospects are dropping off, getting confused or moving to the competition.

Those gaps you’ve discovered are the opportunities to be explored. Knowing them will open your mind up to new solutions you didn’t even know you needed.

  • Play the ‘What If’ game.

Ask yourself, “How would I solve this problem if I had all the time and all the money in the world?”

The budget and the fast approaching deadline may discourage you from playing initially. But play anyway. It will be worth your while.

Without constraints, the ideas are endless. And through this open-minded brainstorm you just may find that special portion of the crazy big idea that is actually doable, effective and revolutionary to your marketing efforts.

Don’t let the phrase, “Well, this is what we’ve always done.” lead the way. Practice open-minded marketing and uncover the myriad opportunities and possibilities waiting to help you reach your marketing goals — and maximize your ROI — in ways you never thought possible before.