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Startup Marketing.

Create your story.
Share it.
Get funded.

Startup Marketing

The New Venture Hothouse

The New Venture HotHouse is an initiative designed to help launch new businesses at the critical point of take-off. Focused on startups looking for a marketing strategy to attract funding (all phases), the Hothouse is where your story comes to take on meaning and messaging to secure the next phase in your venture.

We know resources are tight, so we built a suite of scalable a la carte services tailored to where you are in your startup’s development. All created to make you stand out to the right people.


1. Startup Story Workshop

What we’ll do: We’ll create a compelling storyline to get you to the next step in your company’s growth.

How we get there: We’ll audit your business plan and other foundational assets to understand your mission, product and goals. With this knowledge and substantial discovery sessions with you, we’ll ideate together and develop a clear, impactful storyline that can be used as a calling card for your business.

Your startup’s story will become the important footing for all marketing going forward – informing and inspiring potential investors, customers and other stakeholders about how your company will be meaningful and valuable to them and the market.

Fee starting at $8,000

2. Pushing Out Your Story

What we’ll do:

We’ll weave your story from the Startup Story Workshop into your online and offline content, integrating the human element and bring to life how your company/product impacts your customers. 

How we get there: The goal of this work is to attract important stakeholders, investors and early adopters and create buzz about the company while building the initial steps toward a formal startup marketing strategy.

Pitch Development

We’ll engineer and build your investor pitch to showcase your startup’s compelling story in a way that both informs the audience of your business goals, but also showcases how you’ll create a necessary, personal connection with your customer. 

Fee starting at $2,000

Website Strategy and Design

We’ll integrate your story into the design and content of your existing website to powerfully showcase your product and brand. 

Our copywriters, art directors and web strategists will consider important elements such as user experience, conversion optimization and SEO when creating an all-important first impression. 

Fee starting at $5,000

Content Strategy

We’ll recommend an actionable plan to produce content about your product, industry and company that will build a valuable, online presence and attract relevant audiences from all corners of the web including search engines, social media and industry influencers.

Fee starting at $4,000

3. Acquire Customers

What we’ll do: Our core team has spent 140+ years bringing brands to market, generating leads and growing businesses. With your story and finished product in place, we’ll take this experience and craft a unique go-to-market strategy that will reach even the most niche audience and aggressively convert them into customers.

How we get there: Our go-to-market campaigns are custom-built for each client. Whether it’s a crowdfunding campaign, retail play or e-commerce – local or international – we can help.

Fees and services vary by need. Contact Kathy to learn more.