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Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 3: Nurturing Leads

SaaS Marketing Part 3 – Nurturing Leads.

By this point, a potential customer has seen your topline message and is exploring your product more deeply. We’ll call this a lead. When marketing and sales teams align on website content, messaging and what visitor info is required to follow up (usually an email), each lead can be segmented and contacted in real time, online or offline.

Gating long-form “tent-pole” content pieces about how you can solve specific problems common to your audience is an effective means to get contact data into your CRM and give readers the undeniable reason to believe you’re different. (more…)

Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 2: Get Good Leads!

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SaaS Marketing Part 2 – Attracting the Right Visitors.

Getting visitors to the website is one thing, but getting the ideal customer to take the time to explore your SaaS offering is easier said than done. Online consumer behavior is tricky, even for those marketers who know a lot about their target audience’s purchase habits.

Too much information is a killer. Focus on the needs of the ideal customer. Inevitably, pricing is always a priority. Support it with value-added messaging, make it easy to understand and find. If you’re fearful of your price, the reader probably will be too.

Don’t expect sales contacts or trial account sign-ups just yet. Corroborating the value of your product with colleagues, online forums, review websites, etc is part of the reader’s purchase path. Helping that along is the next “step.” (more…)