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Going to Market With a SaaS Platform – Part 1: Create Awareness

SaaS Marketing Part 1 – Generating Excitement and Starting to Build Demand. 

Immediately, the brand and message work starts paying dividends. It activates both the emotional and practical needs of the customer, differentiates you from competitors, and in the end, saves you from poorly-performing ad spend. (more…)

Going to Market With a SaaS Platform

Saas Marketing example ad - Trading Technologies

After working for more than a year with Trading Technologies, a leading futures trading software provider, to help them launch their new SaaS trading platform, we thought we’d put down on digital paper the summation of our strategy notes – scribbles, whiteboard snapshots, post-it notes, Google docs, and emails – about how we think comprehensively about the SaaS customer and the marketing ecosystem.

To that end, the article is the beginning of a series that offers a comprehensive approach to marketing this SaaS product to acquire and keep users. (more…)