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Trading Technologies Hires New Marketing Agency – Liquid Iron

Integrated Effort Targets Professional Trader Sub-Culture With Insightful Call To Action:

CHICAGO, July 13, 2016 – Chicago-based Trading Technologies International, Inc., a leading global provider of high-performance professional trading software, has hired Liquid Iron to launch its first full-scale marketing campaign targeting professional traders.

The focus of its initial campaign is on Trading Technologies’ new, innovative TT® platform, which provides secure, high-performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model.

“This is the first time we’ve done a proper, full-blown ad campaign,” said Brian Mehta, chief marketing officer at Trading Technologies. “In the past, our business model focused on one-to-one relationship management efforts to drive awareness of the new TT platform. As our product offering has evolved, we wanted our communications to become more trader-centric. We’re now focused on starting a dialogue with individual traders at the highest level.”

Since a dual objective of the new marketing campaign is to raise awareness and drive demos of the TT platform with professional traders, Liquid Iron’s first task was to do a deep dive on what makes traders tick. The resulting, overarching theme is: “Don’t Just Trade. Conquer.”

“To build the essence of the campaign, we dug for insights into how traders think and feel and act – as well as how they perceive the TT platform,” said Kathy Bucaro-Zobens, co-founder at Liquid Iron. “We wanted to show this fairly exclusive club that TT is where attitude meets aptitude, where hard-earned smarts and confidence lead to high performance and innovation. By design this also reflects how traders personally approach their jobs and the world at large.”

The fully integrated campaign includes video (:30 and :15 versions), paid digital (both static and rich), social, print, PR, and internal communications, with plans to fold in events and CRM/email marketing. Every element is currently driving to the free demo of the TT product at

The media plan takes into account the typical, very busy lives of traders, most of whom take very little time for leisure activities.   The videos and banner ads are scheduled to run on two investor ad networks and the Financial Times website, as well as via Google search and across social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. E-mail and digital marketing will tie into sponsored outlets and websites such as John Lothian News, FOW, Elite Trader and the Futures Radio Podcast.

“Traders rightfully demand their technology be leading-edge, flawless and executed on their terms. The look and feel of the work needed to communicate this in a polished, sophisticated, straightforward way. This campaign is an excellent reflection of the high-caliber nature of both the TT brand and our users,” said Mehta.

New Agency Takes On New Tech As Trading Technologies Forges Ties With Liquid Iron

When Mehta determined the time was right to get the word out that Trading Technologies is better equipped than ever to give traders the performance, customization and accessibility they deserve via its new TT platform, he contacted Chicago-based Liquid Iron, a fully integrated, non-traditional marketing agency which was founded in 2013 by two former Draftfcb colleagues: Kathy Bucaro-Zobens and Eduardo Dehesa Conde. Both have over 25 years of experience in the ad business, working with and winning awards for some of the world’s leading business-to-business and consumer marketers.

With strong expertise in tech, including SaaS, as well as financial services, plus a limitless collective of subject matter experts they map to each client’s needs, Liquid Iron was named Trading Technologies’ first agency of record in March 2016. Mehta points to his trust in the extended leadership team at Liquid Iron as a determining factor.

“It’s an excellent fit,” said Mehta. “They’ve quickly proven themselves, and I value their creative sensibility and experience. We entered into the relationship to do something new and different and rarely done in this space. We’ve been able to cut to the chase and in less than three months launch this fully integrated campaign. Just like Trading Technologies is on the cutting edge of software, we aim to do the same when it comes to marketing.”

About Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies ( develops and delivers professional trading software for a wide variety of users including proprietary traders, brokers, money managers, CTAs, hedge funds, and commercial hedgers and risk managers. TT provides access to 45 major international exchanges and liquidity platforms. Its new next-generation trading platform, TT, uses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model to give users a fast, reliable, mobile solution that represents what’s next in the world of trading and technology.

About Liquid Iron

Liquid Iron ( is a full-service collective of highly experienced, cross-cultural marketing and advertising professionals with the expertise — and track record — to deliver fully integrated, business-building marketing programs from strategy through execution. The agency thinks holistically while developing insightful solutions that cross cultures, countries, disciplines & industries. Founded in Chicago in 2013, Liquid Iron’s international network includes an office in Madrid and affiliates in other major cities in the U.S. and Latin America.


Agency:  Liquid Iron
Exec. Creative Director:  Eduardo Dehesa Conde
Copywriter:  Ray Brunger
Art Director:  Matt Dalin
Director:  Justin Hayward
Exec. Producer:  Leigh Jones, BoomThrift
Editor:  Kate Wrobel, Optimus


Print creative with campaign messaging and featured “hero” trader.



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